• What’s the track size?

    Q1: Track size have 2 kinds of width: width20mm and width 35mm.
    Q2: Track can make 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m. also can customize such as 2.8m.

  • What’s the largest track length?

    Q: Track size can make largest 3m long per piece, if want to make longer, make the connector to connect.

  • What’s the warranty?

    Q: usually quotation is 2 years warranty, but also can make 3 years, 5 years warranty.

  • How to choose to use 20mm track or 35mm track?

    Q: usually for home declaration, we recommend 20mm size; and for business such like shops and markets, we recommend 35mm track.

  • Do you have MOQ?

    Q: no. But price based on big quantity will be different with price based on retail quantity.

  • Is the lamp safe enough? Will it be loose after some time?

    Q: NOT. We have safety buckle on the lamp to connect with the track, which can undertake at least 2kgs pulling force.

  • Can customer buy drivers themselves?

    Q: yes.

  • What’s the delivery time?

    Q: Depends, usually for retail is around 7-10 days; and for wholesales with mass order quantity is around 20-25days.

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